This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about money transferring to Iran. By click on any question, its relative answer will be appeared.

1- How can I send money to Iran?

a- According to the anti-money laundering law, any financial institute before establishing business with a customer, shall know him or her. For that reason any new customer shall introduce himself or herself by applying a special form. The customer also shall render necessary document. Please go to “Due diligence process” and follow its instructions.

b- Receive the beneficiaries bank account number in Iran. The account number should be in Iran official currency Rial.

c- When you have done “a” and “b”, please call us. Now you can send money to Iran.

2- How long time does it take for the beneficiary to receive the money?

When our bank in Sweden confirms your deposited money we will send your money order on the same day to Iran. The day after it, our partners in Iran will deposit it in receivers account.

Please notice that Friday is banks holiday in Iran but on Saturdays and Sundays banks are working. There are other banks holidays in Iran.

When your money is deposited in our account and when it is transferred to receivers account you will receive an email and a text message (SMS) from us. You can also trace your order online by login in to our website.

3- How can I receive my money orders receipt?

With a login to our website you can see all your money orders official receipts there, with the ability to print them aswell.

4- Shall I call Parsa for each transferring case?

No. You call Parsa only for yours first money transferring order. Then afterwards you will receive a passwords and thereafter 7 days of the week you can login and send your money orders online.